20 September 2013

So it's my 'WOW' again over at SFS & this time I've decided to show you
all how to make a confetti pocket for your Project Life albums / Mini albums
(or really for whatever you like.

First you'll need a 3x4 PL card to trace around & a normal everyday
A4 plastic sleeve. Trace around the PL card to give you a size to
work off. Don't worry about the pen marks - they will be cut off later!

Then using your sewing machine, stitch the 2 sides & bottom about
(leave top open for now) 1/2cm in from the
traced edge (to ensure it's going to fit in your PL sleeves).

Grab some goodies to put in it, like wood veeners, sequins, glitter,
small punched shapes etc.


I recommend using a sheet of paper to work off - making it easier to funnel
your bits & pieces in when your ready. Once you have everything in
- stitch the top up with your sewing machine.

 Then trim around cutting off the traced area - but not too close to the stiching.
And then Ta-Da!!!! Slide into your PL album. You may need to give the things a little
wriggle so they sit nicely in your album.

 Thanks for popping by :)