08 November 2013

 How To Make A Simple Mini Album

Ok here's a quick little run thru on how I make some really cute & simple
mini albums... I made this one 6x8" (cover is 8x12" folded in half).
First thing I do is print my cover as an 8x12" photo at my local photolab.
I then glue & D/S tape (as I want it to stay together) to a sheet of manilla folder.
I trim down to size & allow glue to dry before folding in half.
I then round the outer corners.

 Then I raid my scraps stash & paper off-cuts for my pages. These can be all different sizes & shapes,
as it creates interest in your mini. I then fold & score them in half.

I then start figuring out what order I want them in...
I then make a template to mark the 3 holes I need for my binding & then go thru & pierce
every hole. You'll need some twine & a sewing needle for this bit. Here is the youtube video
I got this binding technique from:

The only thing I've done differently is to finish the knot on the ouside on cover. So the first stitch is started from the outside (not the inside like she did)
Like so :)

Here is a FREEBIE for you!! My cover design for you to print off &
create your own mini with :)
 To download my book cover design, simply right click & save as.
It is designed to be printed as an 8x12 photo enlargement (matte works best!)

Here's video of my finished mini album, so grab a cuppa & enjoy :)

This is also the style/technique I used for my Dec Daily last year :)
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