08 November 2013

Hey Peeps!! Anita here with my WOW for this month & I'm passing on a
technique that the awesome Ebony van der Starre showed me a few months ago -
 Tea Bagging!!!!
 I love the tea colours, but was thinking out aloud to the girls at my table & I said 
"Wouldn't it be awesome if they made coloured tea bags?!"
They laughed & thought I was joking - but I was quite serious LOL.

With using the tea bag - it's best to leave it to go cold & scungy
(so that the colour gets really deep).
But as I said - I wanted to have coloured tea splats!!!
So I have developed this technique a little bit...

You will need:
- Some rubber gloves (unless you don't mind coloured fingers)
- Dylusions Ink Spray (whatever colour/s you like)
- White cardstock 
- Heat gun
- Green Tea bags (I know you'd all have some in the cupboard - cause if your like me you     should be having that instead of the 3rd cup of coffee to keep you going LOL - you'll have plenty!!)

I worked out that by using Green Tea bags & not letting them sit & go scungy,
 I can add a few drops of Dylusions Spray Ink to make 

So get yourself all set up & ready. Add some warm water, your tea bag & a few
drops of whatever Dylusions Ink you'd like. Give it a bit
of a mix around with the tea bag & SPLAT AWAY!!!

Give it a dry with your heat gun. You could always pat it dry with some paper towel,
but I like the effect you get with the heat gun & giving the it time to dry. It kinda of
creates layers of colours. Give first colour a good dry before adding another colour
to you page.

 & repeat...

Here's the finished product!!
 I love how the puddles pool & when they dry have lots of depth to them.

Below are a few samples of this technique...
(L) is just straight Tea & (R) is the above technique.

So if you don't have any Dylusions Ink Spray in your scrappin' stash - 
head on over to the shop & grab some!!!!