18 May 2014

Layouts from SFS April Retreat 24-27th April

 I recently went to my first retreat in FOREVER!!!
I had THE BEST time :) A lot of memorable moments.
I caught up with some old friends & made some new ones.
The 'Op-Shop Pyjama Party' was DEFINATELY an eye-opener, & I was completely SURPRISED when my
beautiful friend LAUREN rocked up for the weekend!!
But the dozen or so chest salute I got when I left is for certain etched in my retinas & I laughed so much I weed a little LOL. Thanks girls xo
Here are a few of my layouts I did that weekend...

'Breathe It All In'
 'All of Me Loves All of You'
 'Be Bold'
 'Capture This'
 'Colour Today'
 'I'm Just A Girl With Ideas'
 'Small Steps Everyday'
(& I realised when photographing this, I have left the 'y'
out of 'everyday' LOL) 
 'You + Me'

'Live The Life You Love'

  (This one was kinda funny actually. My friend Kel, set me the
challenge to do a layout using NO paints/inks/flairs/stamps...
I must confess, it had been awhile since doing a layout with no
mixed media. I then in return set her the opposite challenge - she had 
to use ALL of that. Just quietly I think she enjoyed it, cause she did
another layout using mixed media ;)


Ok so things may look a little different...
I have separated my personal blogging from the
Flutterby Designs blog.
So this is my new look blog!!

I'm really excited by this, as it gives
Flutterby Designs a more professional look
(without all my own bits on it LOL).

The Flutterby Designs blog is my old
blog address (handy thought I know)

And this blog's address is:
Which I have called 'Everyday Created'

Make sure you save BOTH blogs to your 
browser favourites, as we will continue to
keep inspiring you!!!

Thanks for stopping by:)