29 November 2013

{Project Life} 
Riley's Baby Album 1-2yrs 

I am SOOOO proud of how this album looks - my chest is puffed right out!
I didn't want to commit to the traditional weekly PL style, as I don't think I'd
find the time to get it done all the time. So I decided to pull all Riley's baby
photos out of the BORING photo slip albums & put together something
I'm proud to pull out & show off. And I might add that, he can have it
when they pry it out of my cold dead fingers bahwahahahaaa!!!!

I started this album in July & it has taken forever to get it done.
Firstly because it took so long for me to get my head around doing
Project Life style scrapbooking. I could never get the balance right!
Too plain & boring - or too overdone & I'd never fit anything in an album?!
So I searched googled, pinterest, countless blogs, & youtube videos trying
to find what I wanted 'my style' to look like. I found a few that were a bit more
arty, which I really liked & why wouldn't I want to bring that element to my PL
pages - as that's my normal 12x12 scrapping style!

First pointer I would give anyone that's going to tackle doing an album like this,
use all the photos you ALREADY have printed!!! Just make them work
- it will be ok!  There was a few I did need to reprint & of course my
6x8 enlargements, but the rest where all 6x4 photos, that I cut done to fit. 
 Secondly, get your photos in first & then fill in the blanks with cards.
I've prodominatly used Becky Higgins PL Honey core kit, but also
have Snap Everyday cards, Mambi etc.

I had also seen another lady's blog, where she had all her maternity pics &
everything Pre-baby in the front of the album - & that made ALOT of sense,
so I added in a couple more page protectors to do so.

So enough chit-chat from me. Here it is - my baby of my baby :)

Stay tuned for Part 2 ( I need to finish it first LOL)

Thanks for popping by :)

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