29 August 2014

Camp Mojo Retreat 2014
Hunter Valley NSW
I am a bit slow at blogging this, but better late than never ROFL.
This was the second Mojo retreat I had attended. It is solely about
scrapping with my favourite peeps for me! Here's some highlights:

Silly me can up with the 'brilliant idea' to make Holi powder so we could do
our own 'No Run Colour Run'! We had a blast!!!! So much fun - I can't wait to see
the rest of the photos. The fabulous Jen Hall took these photos!

Aparently we offended a few people for not including them - 
this was organised amongst friends as a creative photoshoot & was never going to
be for everyone...

 A 6ft table all to yourself - you can't complain ;)

Here's a couple of layouts I did (there wasn't many LOL - I talked too much)
'Adorable You'
The awesome Eb van der Starre made
this one for me!!
I did 2 classes while I was there. This is the layout I did
in Ebony van der Starre's class...
'Today & Everyday'
This one was even left of my comfort zone - but I had a
blast!!! This was Lisa Oxley's class.
'Be Bold'

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